Confirmation Statement

A confirmation statement always serves the importance of relevant information about a particularorganization and whether or not they want to change any of the details they had provided earlier.


Confirmation statement or annual report is a document that every limited company and LLC partnership firm is required to file at least once every year, usually on the date of incorporation. As weall know, both confirmation statement and annual accounts report have share some similarities (bothbeing documented in order to provide updated details about the firm), these two concepts differ at thebasic level. Filing annual tax returns gives out the financial situation of a firm, whereas a confirmationstatement is a proof that all the details that has been provided to the governing body, is up to date.

A confirmation statement always serves the importance of relevant information about a particularorganization and whether or not they want to change any of the details they had provided earlier. Andif no change is to be made, a company is still required to come down to Company House and verifyall the details so that the governing body is assured that they have all the updated details of all thecompanies in its jurisdiction i.e. every organization in the United Kingdom.


When we talk about filing a confirmation statement to the Companies House, the time period differfor both new and existing companies. For new companies, the review period always starts from theday of its inauguration. And for the existing firms, the review period starts from the date they filed thelast statement. For all the companies, the review period stretches till the next twelve months. This alsogives these organizations, the freedom to file the statement on any given day.


Review period usually remains unchanged but every organization has a different mindset when itcomes to tackling problems. Many of them think it’s better to meet all the requisites within thestipulated time frame or the set date. These are the firms who often go with early filing of theconfirmation statement. The fact that Companies House isn’t utterly rigid in terms of following the setdate sometimes fuels these firms to file the statement earlier to its stipulated date so that if verificationtakes time, they have enough of it to make the required update.

Some firms usually set their date f filing on their own, but a lot of them out there trust the experts anddo as they say. The ambiguity created by the Companies House, has created a significant amount ofconfusion in the market, which eventually leads some organizations to neglect the importance of astipulated filing date.

That’s why experts like MF Accountants & Bookkeepers are in place. Our firm extends its servicesto important financial activities in the corporate world, just like filing a confirmation statement. As weall know that any firm, who has an overdue filing, is required to get it done within the next couple ofweeks, this time period proves to be crucial for the firm, and that’s where we operate.  Our firmconducts adequate analysis of each aspect that led the organization to miss out the deadline.

At MF Accountants, our trained professionals help all the firms who face difficulty in filing thestatement within their review period and handle all of it for them. Or firm believes in taking up the jobit has been assigned for, and not bothering the client at all.

Our confirmation statement filing services include newer techniques that help us provide snappysolutions to our clients. Reach out to us today, and allow us to serve you and provide you a first-handexperience.

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