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Financial Planning


When we talk about financial planning, we often see many organizations that have this notion of neglecting the pursuit of structuring a stern financial plan. And the fact that external help of any kind is deemed to be seen as an additional cost for an organization has compelled most of the lower-tiered organizations to refrain from hiring any third-party organization.

To bust the very popular myth which states that only firms with larger net income should be doing financial planning, let’s look into the basic purpose of a financial plan. For any organization, a financial plan is the road map that will lead them to the goals they have set for themselves. Therefore, just by looking at the basic definition, we can see that a financial plan is as important for astart-up as it is for an established conglomerate.


It’s a fact that financial planning alone takes a lot of focus because each and every aspect of the business is to e considered before making a long term plan. And this level of attention can only be paid either by a dedicated team of professionals within the firm who are capable enough to keep an impeccable record of all the financial transactions, or an expert third-party organization that has a significant level of expertise in the financial sector.

It’s often observed that the former is a requisite which most of the firms, who actually need financial advisors direly, are basically incapable to afford. For these firms, financial advisors play an important role once they see through the “money” issue. At MF Accountants & Bookkeepers, we always believe in practicing what we expect in the market. Professional help in creating a sound financial plan can be profitable and can help a firm run its course. Our services are not only professionally sound but also are cost-effective for our clients.

Some of the benefits of hiring a financial broker can be:

1. Financial advisors not only help in structuring your financial plan but also help you formulate effective strategies for improving your financing.

2. Having a team of financial advisors can also help you adjust your financial plan according to any given situation you and your organization are in.

3. The most important benefit a financial advisor can provide is talking you out of making any emotionally-driven financial decision.


As an accounting firm, MF Accountants holds expertise in all the aspects of the financial world and we extend our services to every organization that seeks our help. Apart from offering impeccable taxation services, we also provide financial advisory services which include formulating actionable measures for our clients to improve their overall finances as well.

To understand your business more closely we prepare questionnaires that provide us with the primary data that’ll help us formulate strategies for your firm afterward. After we’ve gotten all the initial data, we assess our client’s financial position and provide them solutions accordingly. Our questionnaires not only help us in identifying our client’s financial situation but also tell us about their net assets, liabilities, and all the capitals (both liquid and working). This allows us to improve our solutions further, which eventually helps our clients in the long run.

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