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Value-Added Tax


Value-added Tax or VAT, as we all know, is a form of indirect tax that is levied on the final consumption of the product. The fact that its rate progresses with each level of production, is one of the prime reasons it is levied at the endpoint of the whole process. And because some portion of it is paid to the government, it can also be said that it is an indirect tax levied on the consumers by the government.

Every organization in a given market is required to comply with the VAT rates devised by the government in order to sustain it. But the question here is not about compliance but the cost of it. We know that every market consists of both small and medium scale businesses apart from the established ones. And these businesses are often the ones who face difficulty in maintaining such services. Even for the big conglomerates, it becomes difficult to focus just on new VAT rates and regimes. That’s why every organization requires adequate consultation and assistance in the efficient execution of VAT services.


Among many arguments, we can see that every organization that claims to have exceptional control over its VAT services, is either incorrectly informed about the gravity of paying VAT or it simply exists as a firm that would like to save its cash rather than spend it on external help. Organizations who have a rigid perspective like this, pay for their leniency in the times to come, when the policies that they had earlier chosen, proves to be unsuitable for the organization. The answer to the question, ‘why you shouldn’t be lenient with this?’ is simply, ‘because we’ve made a career out of analyzing even the tiniest update in the regulation’. In layman terms, we at MF Accountants know just how important it is to look for any possible loophole in the VAT policy and observe devise solutions to our clients that cover each update that is needed to be considered.


At MF Accountants, our dedicated team of professionals serves you with the best VAT services so that you don’t have to pay attention to this sphere of your business anymore. Our vast clientele and our impeccable track record showcase the level of expertise and professional delicacy we offer. Our VAT services include:

  1. Registration services after estimating your annual turnover, so that your organization never exceeds the threshold of VAT.

  2. Voluntary registration for VAT, and investigate, explain, and handle all the technicalities on behalf of our clients.

  3. Providing expert advice on the best VAT scheme for your organization and explaining in detail why the scheme is the best one out there.

  4. Filing monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and/or annual VAT returns so that you are left with one less thing to worry about.

  5. Advising you on issues like import, export, M&A, and dispatches from the European Union along with the implications for VAT under each one of them.

  6. Performing VAT investigations, and defending surcharges that are being imposed by the governing body in the particular nation.


On a concluding note, MF Accountants can prove to be the one-stop solution for all your VAT-related services. Once you hire us, you can sit back and focus on other important operation of your firm because as we said earlier, our team of experts supervises and execute each service with utmost efficiency. We follow a hierarchical system that helps us to provide our clients result-driven solutions.

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